Viewing a heritage edition of the St. John's Bible. The original was created completely by hand by a team of scribes, artists and theologians between 1998-2011.

I fell in love with letters when I was a young girl. I've always loved the feel of pen on paper and I had many penpals as a result! My calligraphy journey started in 1996 when I attended a  course at a local college in Canberra, Australia. When I was exposed to my teacher's incredible knowledge, talent and experience, I realised I had no concept of what the art of calligraphy entailed. Since then I've been besotted!

The following six years I studied privately with world-renowned Australian calligrapher Gemma Black ( She took me under her wing and I'm so grateful for her teaching me most of what I practice today! I have also studied under Olive Bull and Thomas Ingmire (


I completed the intermediate diploma through the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) in the UK in 2001 and the advanced diploma in 2013.

Most of my art over the past ten years has been for friends and family as gifts and occasional commissioned work for word-of-mouth clients. I enjoy designing personalised calligraphic art and sharing my passion for hand-made letters in this digital world.


I am Canadian-born, currently living in Canberra, Australia.


Contact me for availability of calligraphy demonstrations, presentations, or classes.


Visiting the Winchester Cathedral in 2013