"Heather created a fantastic calligraphic picture of my brother-in-law's motorcycle for his birthday. It consisted of quotes that she selected that are so meaningful to a bike rider (I know why a dog sticks it's head out the car window was a real favourite) and he absolutely loved it! It has been framed and has pride of place in the front hallway of their home. The workmanship was precise and the shape of the bike was absolutely spot on. I wouldn't hesitate to commission further works from Heather. Thanks!"

Mandy, Canberra, Australia

Following the birth of our 3rd daughter we wanted to find a way to record a special passage of scripture that had been important during our pregnancy. We commissioned Heather to create a calligraphy piece for us. Her work is exquisite, with beautiful simplicity she created a timeless piece of art work that my daughter will always have. Kathryn, Canberra, Australia

"Heather's calligraphy pieces hold pride of place in our home! The written word is especially meaningful to me, and when executed with the skill and creativity Heather shows in all her work, it is a privilege to have all five of them on our walls." Janice, Canberra, Australia

"Heather created this artwork from email and telephone conversations - and it has captured EXACTLY what we wanted to express. Superb job! 11 out of 10!" DM, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

"Heather Hodgson has created a number of calligraphy pieces for me. Some have been for personal decoration in my home and office, others have been for my church where they have been on display either permanently or for a season. In each instance, the artwork has been creative, visually appealing and of a high standard. As someone who likes the impact of words, Heather’s work has been a blessing to me. I can also personally vouch for her professionalism in fulfilling whatever she committed herself to do". Peter, Canberra, Australia